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   APIs & Impurities

¡¡Research & Manufacturing


1¡¢Synthesis of new API and Intermediates
2¡¢Synthesis of all kinds of organic compounds with customers demand
3¡¢Synthesis of API and intermediates in large scale quickly from KG to Ton grade with original synthesis route
4¡¢Synthesis of new compounds stock

R&D Center & Test Center

We have a long-term close cooperation relationship with Key lab of Fine Petrochemical Engineering in Changzhou University, which is us strong back-up as a R&D Center and Test Center.

Key lab of Fine Petrochemical Engineering of Changzhou University, in Jiangsu province, is a national key project base in focus on chemical research. The R&D center is operated by a highly professional team who granted many years¡¯ experience in pharmaceutical field. The lab center is divided into gram grade laboratory, kg grade product preparation center and test center. Therefore, we can satisfy our customers with various scales from lab to production grades

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Our main factory is located in Shanxi Province.We have many reactors there,which can reach continous production demands in a large scale.

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